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8 Smart Ways to Make Your Motorcycle Burglar-proof

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Riding motorcycles are for the individuals who crave adventure. For passionate drivers, the energy, excitement, freedom and immense thrill are just some of the joys we never get enough of. A bike ride offers you a front row seat to nature and all its beauty. Alternatively, your bike might be less for adventure and more for convenience. With a motorcycle, commuting through dense traffic is made fun and fast.

Regardless of the purpose you use your bike, one thing is for sure; it is a great investment. Considering the amount of cash you put in, its security is of great importance. Thus, you need to know the gadgets and measures available to you to boost your bike’s safety. Some might be a bit obvious but others I am sure you have not heard of before. With them, we hope to help you avoid trouble down the line. These gadgets include:

Disc Locks/U-LocksDisc Locks

Disc Locks come in many shapes and sizes to suit the needs of different customers. These locks help secure the bike to immovable objects and, thus, deter thieves. While the lock cannot stop all determined thieves every time, they will always work as an obstacle to a thief’s intentions. Have a brightly colored lock, securing your bike, and any thief will think twice before targeting your bike. If you can get a lock for each wheel, then that would be even more discouraging.

Data tag

You have probably not heard of this yet, but it’s a remarkable security feature to have on your motorcycle. It uses state of the art identification methods to put permanent marks on your bike. With it, the bike becomes identifiable only to you. Police, also, have an easier time identifying your motorcycle by knowing what marks to look for.

With data tag, a permanent code is programmed on your motorcycle’s panel. Should the bike be stolen, you can activate the transponders to send signals from the wheels and petrol tank. Such signals are picked up by police scanners and make simple work of recovering your bike.

Ground Anchor

Ships use anchors to remain stationary and restrict movement. The good thing is, you can get anchors for your bike too. At a low price too. Once bought, you will need to ensure the anchor is fixed on the ground at your designated parking spot at work or home. Once done, the work required to steal your bike would be more stressful. It would be unnecessarily noisy as well, and no thief wants to attract attention to them, now right?

The ground anchor needs to be placed in a secure place to be most effective. A place where you know such thieves would need to hassle to a great extent to make away with your bike. As such, look for a place that would have numerous hindrances to using cutting devices such as disk cutters.

Brake Lever LockBrake Lever Lock

I know you already have a U-disk. Who said one lock is ever enough though? A brake lever lock would be an excellent supplement to your efforts to secure your bike. Its clamps the front brake and makes the front wheel hard to move. Awesome right? More stress to any thief dumb enough to target your motorcycle.


Yes, your helmet just might be central to whether you bike will be stolen or not down the line. Be advised to never lock your helmet on your bike. It makes the bike more attractive to thieves as they know they are stealing the complete set. They will, also, be less prone to suspicion on the road than if they were riding the bike without a helmet.

Ultraviolet PenUltraviolet Pen

To the naked eye, an ultraviolet pen would leave writings that are invisible. As such, you can use an ultraviolet pen to mark your bike parts. It will come in handy should your bike be stolen. The thief will not suspect such a mark exist. Such marks can, also, be used as evidence by the police to prosecute thieves after they have been caught. As a bonus, the pen will not cost you an arm or leg.


Another great option to consider for securing your motorbike is CCTV. Installing a good one on your garage ensures you have eyes on the bike whenever it is parked at home. This extra measure of security has been known to discourage all types of thieves. No one doing bad things would ever like to be caught on camera you know. Thus, a garage that has got cameras manning the space is surely more secure and less attractive to thieves out to steal.

Insurance Cover

Insurance cover is a must if you own a bike. Not just any cover though, you need to get yourself the right coverage whose scope will ensure you are fully covered by multiple risks. The risk of your bike being stolen is one such risk. There are many insurance companies out there that insure against motorcycle theft. The prices charged by these insurance providers, also, is not exorbitant. Thus, you do not need to forego insurance coverage.

With a little shopping around, you can find an amazing deal on your bike’s insurance too. By comparing the policies available from different insurers, you can quickly determine the best according to price or coverage scope. Working with your budget, and with such a comparison, you can get the best insurance available for your bike.

Please note, as well, that a bike that has good security features installed; U-disk Lock, Alarms, Anchors will have you paying lower premiums. This is as compared to a motorcycle without such features.

With the devices above, your motorcycle will undoubtedly be better protected and harder for any thief to steal.  Given this, consider having two or three of the above measures in place to secure your ride. You will rest easier knowing the smart tricks you have in place to face any crook. A good rider is cautious of safety. As you protect your bike and be mindful of its safety, also, remember to protect yourself. Ride safely, don’t be overzealous, be mindful of the rules and other road users and you will be ok.

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Safe motorcycle riding

How to be Safe When Riding a Motorcycle

Guide and tips

Riding a motorcycle is a great recreational activity. If you enjoy the great outdoors and extreme sports, taking risks and racing through difficult tracks, a race bike might be all you need. It will bring you great exhilaration and give you quite the adrenaline rush. Alternatively, if a more relaxed time outdoors is what you seek, a motorcycle ride down the countryside might be all you need.

Without the right safety measures, however, a motorcycle ride can turn fatally dangerous in an instant. Following the recognized safety rules, and having the right gear with every motorcycle ride is necessary to protect you from harm. That’s why you need to know the measures to take to ensure you are safe while riding. These are the seven essential measures to keep you safe while on a motorbike.

1. Get the Right Experience and Training

It will not help your case being a novice motorcyclist. Unfortunately, this is the case with most people on the road today – the ones caught up in accidents anyway. For such riders, they become extra vulnerable because they are not fully proficient. They cannot handle the bike well enough and neither can they ride their way in high traffic roads.

It will serve you well to know the basics. For this reason, ensure you have the right training and that you take short proficiency courses frequently. It might be the difference between you and the next motorbike accident victim.

2. Ensure you are Properly DressedEnsure you are Properly Dressed

In the event of an accident, there is very little to shield you from impact with any hard surface. It is for this reason that many wearables have been developed to protect you should an accident occur. There are specialized boots, jackets, shin guards and helmets made for riders. Also, caps exist to protect your shoulders, knees and even kidneys.

Obviously, you might not need to put on all these protective clothing for a simple ride. You should, nevertheless, always wear a heavy jacket, boots, and a helmet every time you take the bike out for a spin. This will ensure you protect yourself from falls, road rash, and other injuries.

3. Have a Roadworthy Bike

An un-roadworthy bike might be a fast ticket out of this earth. If you are not ready to leave us just yet, be always advised to maintain your vehicle properly. For owners, carry out regular checks on your motorcycle to ensure it is functioning properly.

When hiring a bike too, please note that the bikes on offer by most rental companies leave plenty to be desired. More often than not, they are poorly maintained. You should, thus, always be extra observant before hiring a motorcycle. Check the tire threads, oiling, and every other aspect of the bike carefully. Safety will always begin with you. These rental companies charge inflated rates for any repairs on the bike that may arise from damages. Scrutiny of the motorcycle will ensure you do not accept any unnecessary liability later.

4. Have the Right HelmetHave the Right Helmet

Protective gear is key during motorcycle riding. Unfortunately, most people ignore this fact and realize it too late. The helmet is an essential protective gear. Always carefully consider one before jumping on a motorcycle.

Most rental companies do not give perfectly safe helmets for use. These helmets are often of a low quality and from light and thin material. In the event of an accident, such a helmet may not help prevent serious injuries. If you are a regular motorcyclist, it is advisable to invest in your helmet. Its strength and quality are assured.

On the road, the helmet should be tied up tightly to ensure it does not slip off. This will reduce the likelihood of head injuries severe traumas in case an accident occurs. Additionally, always make sure your helmet is in perfect condition and wear it at all times when riding a motorcycle.

5. Get the Right Insurance Cover

Many motorcyclists have no clue what insurance cover to get their bikes. On the occurrence of an accident, they are forced to meet extra unnecessary costs. This due to the insufficient protection their insurance policy provides.

To avoid this, you should have adequate information on the various covers available. Unfortunately, there are only a few insurance providers offering motorcycle insurance. Despite this, you need to have a plan to get covered. Doing so will shield you from huge and burdensome hospital bills you might incur after an accident. Also, remember to be careful on the road and be covered by the right insurance policy in case of anything.

6. Familiarize yourself With the Local RoadsFamiliarize yourself With the Local Roads

A lot of riders suffer accidents for not being familiar with the roads they use. Uneven surfaces and pothole have been the cause of many an accident before. Encountering manhole covers, oil and petrol leaks plus loose road surfaces have, also, contributed to this.

With a few precautions though, you can significantly reduce accident risks from unfamiliar roads and uneven road surfaces. Firstly, ensure you remain within indicated speed limits when riding on unfamiliar roads. You will allow yourself more time to react and maneuver around road hazards along the way. Check the tires, also, to ensure they are inflated to the pressure recommended. The depth of the tire tread should, as well, be within the legal limits. It would be better to replace worn out tires than to meet the repair and hospital costs after an accident.

7. Be mindful of Other Road Users

In a considerable number of accidents involving motorcycles, the bikers themselves were not at fault. To avoid not getting caught up in such an accident, don’t drive too close to another vehicle on the road. Leaving enough space between you and the next car allows you time to react in the event of anything unordinary happens. If the car behind is, also, driving too close to you, create more room for yourself in front, to allow you to compensate.

With the safety measures above you will certainly be assured a better riding experience with fewer risks. As such, your experience outdoors will remain fruitful and fun. Happy days for you and friends all around.

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