Best aquarium chiller: Active Aqua VS. Aqua Ero Max


We all know that high water temperatures can cause serious health hazards for your fish. Since the body temperature of the fish would be controlled by the surrounding temperature.

Although there are many ways to cool down your aquarium, a water chiller is absolutely the most effective and reliable method to cool down your aquarium. In this post, we are going to compare two of the best aquarium chiller: Active Aqua and Aqua Ero Max chiller.

#1 Overview

Active Aqua chiller is relatively common for aquarium keepers. It is environment friendly since this chiller is a Freon-free type. It is absolutely ideal for keeping the temperature inside your tank. It uses the R134a refrigerant.

Aqua Ero Max is the product that use Dupont refrigerant compressor, which ensures that the refrigeration of this chiller is environment friendly.

Both Active Aqua and Aqua Ero Max will work perfectly freshwater and saltwater aquarium as well. This is due to the titanium material that these chillers made of. Pure titanium is anti-corrosive which helps the chillers cannot be rusty. These two are considered as the best aquarium chillers.

#2 Capacity and energy consumption

Active Aqua is available in four sizes: 1 HP. ½ HP, ¼ HP and 1/10 HP. Due to this, Active Aqua can suit different sides of the aquarium from 13 to 250 gallons.

Aqua Ero Max is available in 1/13 HP, which is enough power to handle some different sized tanks. IT is ideal to use for up to 50 gallons tank. The advantage of this chiller is that it uses less power while providing effective cooling down for your tank. Aquarium Ero Max only works at 25% BTU/watt. Due to this, you will not concern about the amount of energy that you would use.

#3 Flow rate

It is important to get the right model with the best flow rate. Because the flow rate will determine how effective your chiller is to maintain the water temperature.

1/10 PH Active Aqua can provide the flow rate from 132 to 396 gallons per hour and flow rate of Aqua Ero Max is from 160 to 295 gallon per hour

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Buying Guide: Best Scope for Mini 14


The Mini 14 Ranch Rifle is a famous gun that you can find on the market today. This gun is famous for its strength, precision, reliability, and sturdiness. You need to use it with the best scope for mini 14, especially if you want to get all benefits from this gun. Here are some popular mini 14 scopes that are available today. These products offer a lot of benefits for all users.

#1 Vortex Optics Crossfire II Scout Riflescope

This unit is very ideal when it is used for your scout rifle. Its unique V-Plex reticle is popular among many people because it can serve as a powerful all-purpose hunting reticle. Its O-ring sealing is specially used to design this unit, so it can have an excellent waterproof and fog-proof capacity. It can offer fast-focus eyepiece, so you can enjoy having a fast and hassle-free experience when focusing its reticle.

#2 UTG Compact Scope 3-12×44

This is another popular scope for mini 14. Many people are interested in using this product because it has a compact size. It is very convenient for you to use this scope for supporting your shooting activities, such as tactical hunting, big game hunting, and also predator hunting. It has a highly-advanced IE reticle that can support personalized illumination and also multi-color settings. This unit can accommodate any lighting and weather conditions.

#3 Bushnell AR Optics BDC Ballistic Reticle Riflescope

This scope for mini 14 is very well-known for its maximum reliability and also accuracy in any tactical scenario. You can use this scope for improving your precision during dismal lighting and harsh weather conditions. This scope is supported by its multi-coated optical lenses. These lenses are specially added to this unit, so you can get a sharp, clear, and also a crisp view of your shooting target.

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