Should you use the best mercury vapour bulb for bearded dragons?


Bearded dragons are one of the most common species to keep because they are easy-going, docile, and can live long in captivity. But they also have some proper requirement about lighting and heating in their enclosure.

The lighting set up in bearded dragons tank should mimic what they have in the wild as closely as possible. Ensure that even in the tank your bearded dragons still have ultraviolet light, which they receive from the sunlight in natural. Moreover, your beardie also need the heat to regulate their body temperature. Those are the reason why you should get the best mercury bulb for bearded dragon.

Why you should need the mercury vapour bulbs?

The mercury vapour bulbs have more than one advantage for your bearded dragons. Normally, you should use 2-3 types of bulbs to provide UVA, UVB and heat for your pet. But with one mercury vapour bulb, bearded dragons will get both ultraviolet lights and the heat at the same time.

The best mercury vapor bulb for reptiles has the average life expectancy much longer than the other types of bulbs. This has made them valuables for some purpose throughout the years. It is also believed that using these bulbs can improve bearded dragon appetite, colouration and energy.

Some researching supposed that this mercury vapour bulbs could get damage to your pet due to its high intensity of the UV rays. To ensure your bearded dragon’s safety, place the bulb far from your pet about 12 to 24 inches and do not forget to provide them with the plenty of shade or someplace to hide.

Mercury vapour bulb pros

In compare with the other bulbs such as incandescent and some fluorescent options, mercury vapour bulbs have more efficiency of luminous while using less energy.

Mercury vapour bulbs are valued over LED lights on their ability to produce very clean white light.

Mercury vapour bulbs have a long life; the average life expectancy of them is up to 24,000 hours.

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Best places to buy cannabis seeds (all ship to USA)


Top 8 Best Cannabis Seed Banks 2020

#1 Crop King Seeds Bank

This is the best place to buy cannabis seeds. Delivery is done within two weeks after making an order. You can order from hybrid or Indica strains, which have over 80 percent germination ratio.

#2 Seedsman Seed Bank

Seedsman Company was started in 2003. It has since been renowned for offering quality marijuana seeds. They have over 3000 different strains of marijuana seeds in their collection.

#3 Seed Supreme Seed Bank

This seed bank was established in 2013 in England. It provides great quality cannabis seeds of different strains to the whole world. Shipping takes 15-30 days to reach the US. They have a collection of over 4000 different strains of seeds.

#4 Marijuana Seed Limited

This is best place to buy marijuana seeds online in the USA. Delivery is made within 20 days after making an order. The marijuana seeds made by experts have a germinating ratio of over 90 percent.

#5 Amsterdam Marijuana Seed Bank

This is one of the best seed banks with many years of experience regarding different marijuana strain genetics. Clients can make orders to their specifications, such as yield amount, different sizes, and flowering time.

#6 True North Seed Bank Review

True North Seed Bank sells to international markets, including the US. Delivery takes between 5 to 14 days. Orders can be paid for using credit cards, debit cards, money orders, cash, or bitcoin.

#7 Attitude Seed Bank Review

This company offers over 2000 strains of marijuana. They allow you to decide on the different types and brands you like. They give assurance for delivery.

#8 Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank

This seed bank was established in 2012. They offer high-quality marijuana seeds. Their collection includes Rmegular, Sativa, Feminized, Auto-flowering, and Indica. The cannabis seeds have a high germinating ratio.

All the above are reliable seedbanks ship US that offer high quality marijuana seeds. Clients are assured of great product delivery within the specified time.

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Best Metal glue guide: How to use Metal Glue?


Whether you repair or craft metal, your job should never lack the best metal glue. Any kind of glue can help you stick to metal, but only the best metal glue provides durability, ruggedness and durable bonding capabilities for metal tools.

However, not everyone uses metal glue properly. Don’t be surprised, we don’t apply glue on metal the right way. If you use metal glue properly, the adhesion will last a lot longer than usual.

Here’s how to properly use metal glue, read along to see if you’ve used it properly:

#1 Metal cleaning

The first step to lead you to the right way of using glue for mental is to clean the metal tools or clean the metal area that you need to glue. Make sure that the metal does not contain any debris or any rough edges before you proceed to glue the metal.

This is the step that helps the metal to stick together and create the best structure for adhesion. If there are any impurities such as dust or metal debris, this adhesion will never last.

And do not forget to touch the metal after cleaning it, as it may cause dirt or oil from your hands to prevent the metal glue from sticking for long.

#2 Attach metal glue

After you’ve cleaned the metal and made sure there are no impurities on it, it’s time to attach the metal to each other or attach the metal to another material.

Spread the metal glue over the area where the glue is to be attached, and you should also pay attention to the glue’s drying time and its evaporation capacity for timely adjustments.

If you use epoxy metal glue, pay attention to the time to mix the plastic and hardener, if the mixture is mixed too long, it will reduce the ability to stick.

Special note should never be careless to make metal glue stick to your hand because this glue has quite strong bonding ability.

#3 Adjusted

Before the metal dries, you’ll have enough time to fix the area where you glue. However, you should note that each different type of glue will have different textures so that you need to adjust flexibly.

#4 Let dry

The final step is to dry the metal glue. If after adjustment, there is any excess, you should remove it immediately before the metal glue dries.

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How to properly feed 4 month old bearded dragon?


Bearded dragon is one of the most popular reptile pets today. It is being chosen by many pet lovers as its child because it is very docile and easy to raise.

People often bring a 2-4 month old bearded dragon home to start raising, this is the time when bearded dragon is most likely to form the habit. And as many comment, this is the time when they are the cutest.

However, properly raising a 4 month old bearded dragon is a difficult challenge. Even experienced people may not easily be able to please these babies.

That’s why we have gathered the information that you should know in order to properly raise a baby bearded dragon.

#1 How often does 4 month bearded dragon need to eat?

Unlike adult bearded dragons, a 4 month bearded dragon really needs to eat several meals a day.

Adult bearded dragons eat one meal a day, even if you forget to feed them, they can still exist. However, for baby bearded dragons, they really should eat several meals a day to be able to provide enough nutrition for full development.

You should feed 4 month bearded dragon 3-5 times a day, reduced to 2 times when it is about 12 months old.

Do not worry bearded dragon will be obese at this age because this is the number of nutrients needed for the development of a baby.

Note: Never think of placing food directly on the substrate to feed your pet. The best substrate for bearded dragons or the worst one also affects their digestive system.

#2 How much does a 4 month bearded dragon eat?

This is a question that many cannot find the answer. If the baby bearded dragon is fed too little, it will not be enough nutrition for fully growth. If it is fed too much, it will affect the ability to digest.

Let’s take a specific example that a 4 month bearded dragon should eat through two foods: crickets and dubias.

Crickets are an economical option, these animals also help stimulate the bearded dragon’s hunting instinct. For a 4 month bearded dragon, divide into 3 meals a day and each feeding lasts about 10 minutes. Please divide 40 crickets into 3 servings.

Dubias are the ideal food for baby bearded dragons, they are small in size and have great nutritional content and don’t have as much risk of containing bacteria as crickets.

For this type of insect, divide 15 dubias into 2 feeds per day.

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What to consider when buying the best masticating juicers 2020?


The fruit is an excellent source of nutrition that everyone needs to possess a healthy body, good resistance.

A glass of fruit juice contains all the necessary nutrients for you to have calories for an active day. Therefore, you should not ignore this abundant source of nutrition.

Currently, there are many types of masticating juicers with a variety of designs and prices, so you may feel overwhelmed by this abundant information.

Do you want to choose the best masticating juicers 2020? Don’t worry, check out the following things to consider before jumping in:

#1 Speed

A juicer is unlike a blender, a good juicer is a machine that doesn’t have a high speed.

Blender with fast rotation speed will produce heat, neutralizing enzymes in fruits and vegetables. In contrast, a juicer with a slow grinding speed will not create bubbles or affect the enzymes and vitamins present in the fruit.

The slower the juicer, the better the juice will be. You should choose a machine with the speed below 100 RPM, this is the most standard speed to be able to produce delicious cups of juice.

#2 Size

You should consider the size of masticating juicers before buying because it is directly related to the cost you have to spend.

If you are using masticating juicers primarily for household use, you should choose a compact size. It will help you to move easily and above all help you avoid unnecessary waste.

#3 Easy to clean

You need to choose a masticating juicer that can be easily cleaned to ensure food safety and hygiene.

The parts of the masticating juicer need to be easily removed to be thoroughly cleaned. If not cleaned, the organic matter in food will decompose and cause unpleasant odors and bacteria.

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How to choose the best 2 slice toaster 2020?


For people who are looking to buy the best 2 slice toaster 2020, it is really a complicated problem for you to choose a great one. There is too much unnecessary information for product that the website was given to appeal to new consumers. Here’s some basic information about best 2 slice toasters 2020 that you need to know:

This may be of interest to you first: Best Commercial Toaster.

#1 Toast evenly

The most important thing to access a toaster is how well it toasts bread. It need to work with a moderate heat that all 4 sides of 2 toasts come out looking the same and brown evenly. Best 2 slice toaster 2020 should have a function of automatic shutoff.

#2 Setting

It should have accurate toasting settings. This accurate settings will make sure that your toast can not be burnt to black square or white like it have never toasted before.

#3 Dimension

If you’re tight on space, you should care about dimension of product. Because it’s a single-use kitchen appliance and you may put it in your kitchen table. But the smaller the toaster is, the smaller its capacity. The toaster with small capacity will take a lot of time to toast.

#4 Slot

A toaster should be composed of manual lever that help lift toast out of the slot or take it down from the slot. You also shouldn’t take the toast out of slots directly with utensils or your fingers.

The slots also need to be wide and deep so it can accommodate many kind of toast.

#5 The outer layer

The outer layer need to be cool down so you can touch it even after toasting. If you accidentally touching the toaster, make sure that your fingers wasn’t be burned. We have to put safety first.

#6 The crumb tray

The crumb trays of toaster can be removed to make it easier to clean. You can find it hard to take the crumb off the toaster if there is no crumb tray.

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