How much prune juice is good for you?


Prunes have been used in traditional remedies with best masticating juicer. It being linked to treating symptoms of fever, high blood pressure, digestion, and constipation. The benefits of prune juice are numerous and, in particular, its constipation relieving effects make it a real hit with those that want to avoid more mainstream medication.

If you’re wanting to drink prune juice for its health benefits but are wondering how much prune juice is good for you and your family then read on to get the low down.

How much fiber is in prune juice?

Constipation is something that we are all likely to suffer at some point, and it is very common amongst children. When it comes to constipation it is always a good idea to consult your doctor if you’re worried and also think about making some simple lifestyle changes that can help to get yours (or your children’s) bowel movements more regular.

Research has shown that prune juice is beneficial at relieving the symptoms of constipation. This is because it has a high level of fiber and sorbitol which are known to be effective laxatives. Whilst prune juice has a slightly more diluted amount of fiber and sorbitol than prunes themselves it can still be effective.

How much prune juice for baby?

When your baby is constipated this can be very painful for them not to mention an incredibly stressful time for you as a parent. With the proven benefits of prune juice at relieving constipation, this is an option to consider if you’re looking for a natural remedy to give to your baby.

Be aware that a baby should only be given diluted prune juice if they are already eating solid foods and if you’re baby is still solely taking milk then make sure you consult your health visitor or doctor before giving them prune juice.

How much prune juice for a 2 year old?

Constipation can continue to be a problem for toddlers and this is where prune juice can also be your best friend. For young children, it is recommended to give them just 2-4 ounces at a time and see how it affects them.  It’s always best to consult your physician if your child is suffering from acute constipation. Upping the fruit content of your child’s diet is always a good idea too (if you can!)

How much prune juice should I drink?

If you (as an adult) are suffering from constipation, or simply want to reap the health benefits of prunes, then try drinking 4-8 ounces each morning and see how it takes effect.

How to make children drink prune juice?

Now that you know the health benefits of prune juice and its effectiveness in relieving constipation the next stage is to get your children to actually drink it! It can be quite a bitter-tasting drink but fortunately, we have some great recommendations on both how to make prune juice yourself and how to make it delicious. Click here to find how to make prune juice taste better.

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