How do I get a reliable car battery?

Guide and tips

Replacing a car battery should always be on your car maintenance schedule because the process is easy. In the united states today even I the times of untrusted batteries we still have three companies that produces most batteries that are maintenance free– Delphi, Exide and Johnson Controls Industries. These companies are the manufacturers of the batteries but are marketed under different names. What really matters in a battery is not the name on it, what matters most is the age, cold cranking amps, group size and reserve capacity.

  • Group size: this determines the outer dimension of the battery and where their terminals are. When buying a battery make sure the group size matches the one of the battery you are replacing or else you end up buying a battery that your car can’t use. Luckily most battery retailers arrange their batteries in sequence like make of the car, the year they can be used for and the model.
  • Cold cranking amps: This is shows the ability of the battery to start a car at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 degrees Celsius), when the chemical potential of the battery is low and the engine oil is thick. During cold weather, the higher the CCA the higher the chance for it to start. This is usually on the sticker of most car batteries as either CA, or cranking amps. This is measured at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) and most times a higher number. However, it does not give 100% accuracy when assessing the ability of the car to start in a cold weather.
  • Age: all batteries have a set date by the manufacturer on them and those batteries should be sold within six months of the set date. Before buying a battery make sure to check the dates. At times the dates are written in codes. Mostly the coded dates starts with an alphabet that indicates the month—for instance A for January, B for February, C for march and so on, and the years are represented in numbers like 0 for 2000, 1 for 2001 and on.
  • Reserve capacity: finding this number on a battery is the most useful but difficult. It shows you the amount of time your car can run using only the battery power should incase the alternator dies. This number is usually found in the battery manual at the store or online but rarely on the battery itself.

Carefully go through the rules and follow them then you should be able to go through the worst you battery can bring and also get a more reliable one when needed.


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start car in winter

How to help a car start easily in winter

Guide and tips

Winter mornings can be problematic for you when trying to start your car. Living in those cold areas like Salt Lake City or Pittsburgh this can be a problem that creeps in every morning when you try to start your car. One of the reasons cars won’t start in winter is because car batteries hate the cold. Chemical batteries produce less electric power or current when it is cold. In winter your car engine oil will become thicker and it will not flow well as needed and this will require your car battery to do much more work in getting your car started. Other reasons why your car won’t start in winter include Carburetor issue especially for the cars that were there before the mid-1980s, Moisture in the fuel lines. Here are some of the solutions you can apply to help start your car easily during winter.

Keep your Car warmKeep your Car warm

Ensuring that you park your car in a garage will help keep your battery warm than it could be if parked in an open place. If you park in a heated garage the better for your battery to stay warm during the cold season and this will help you start your car easily when you start using it. In winter places using battery heaters or engine block heater can help keep the car engine warm, these heaters are readily found in harsh climates. Engine block heater is easily plugged into an electrical outlet to maintain warm temperatures around the engine and keep the oil flowing well together with the other fluids. Fixing a battery Wrap or blanket around your battery can help with heating and keeping your car battery warm as well.

Jump start your Carbattery cables

When you find your car, won’t start in the cold weather, you can jump-start your battery to have the car start easily. To do this you will need to have best jump starter, you also use the jumper cables and someone with a car that is running well to help jump start your battery or simply equip a jump starter along. After jump starting your battery let it run for about 20 minutes before starting your car. This will help give your dead battery some current to help start your car easily in winter. Check out for corrosion or even spoiled cables in your battery that could be hindering the flow of electricity. Clean all the cables and clamps then try starting your car again. If the battery won’t come alive the only solution now would be to replace it and get a new battery that won’t be problematic during winter when starting your car. When replacing your battery, wear protective glasses and gloves. The acid in car batteries may give hazardous hydrogen gas when handled wrongly.

Use a lightweight oil Use a lightweight oil

During winter car engine oil can become a very big problem because in cold weather the engine oil becomes thicker and it doesn’t flow well and this calls for a lighter oil. Lightweight oil flows easily in cold weather. Using lightweight oil will help in starting your car easily during cold times. By checking your owner’s manual, you will be able to choose the right oil Viscosity for winter. Having a new oil filter during winter will come in handy when starting your car. The filter should be able to remove the smallest particle from the oil while offering least resistance to the oil flow.

Check for blocked fuel linesCheck for blocked fuel lines

In a situation where water gets into the fuel lines during winter, the fuel lines will freeze so much and fast. When the gas level goes below the half tank, the tank fills with air and the moisture in the air freezes into ice and this clogs the lines. This situation can happen overnight or just a few hours when the car is left in the cold. One of the common causes of a car not starting easily in the morning is frozen fuel line. You can defrost your fuel lines by rubbing some alcohol on them, always keep a spray bottle in your boot to help defrost in winter. Pushing or towing your car to the nearest garage to have the fuel lines unfrozen would help your car to start faster.

Fill your Gas tank during WinterFill your Gas tank during Winter

Ensuring that your tank is filled or at the right levels during winter will help in starting your car easily. Low volumes of fuel during winter may lead to problems while starting your car because when starting your car in the morning during winter the car uses 40% of fuel more than the usual warm days. Always checking and refilling your gas tank during winter will ensure correct levels of fuel and protect you from unseen problems of not being able to start the next day.

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Quad Bikes

What are the Best Quad Bikes Available for you?

Motorcycle Motorcycle reviews

The manufacture and selling of quad bike are presently at an all-time high. Quadzilla, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki Falcon, TGB, Quantum and Kazuma and many others all comprise serious contenders the meet the growing demand for these automobiles. These bikes fulfill various needs and desires that include; Sports, Farm work, everyday use, and kids fun. Yes, kids enjoy and get thrilled from quads just as much as you do.

Whatever type of quad bike you choose, you are assured a thrilling time. Four wheels, also, provide more stability in rough terrain that two-wheeled motorbikes. When shopping for a quad, finding a great option is no easy task. There are many factors to consider before you decide on what machine to get.

Firstly, what will be the primary use of the bike? Are you looking to use it for extreme sports? Or do you seek to buy one for everyday use? The most significant demand for these bikes is to be found in the utility sector. There are, also, quad bikes made especially for kids. Knowing the intended use before you start visiting vendors will save you headaches trying to modify a bike later on to suit your needs.

Whether the bike you seek is purely for recreational or work purposes, there are some great options available from different manufacturers. Are you looking to make a wise purchase? Consider the following bikes:

Honda “FourTrax” Rancher Quad BikeHonda “FourTrax” Rancher Quad Bike

Honda has excelled at providing utility quad bikes that meet customer needs excellently. The FourTraz Rancher does a good job continuing with this tradition. Its engine has a 420 cc capacity, and it is liquid-cooled. Together with the reasonable engine power, the bike guarantees you more comfortability. An increased suspension stroke and the double-cradle chassis ensures this.

This strong and sturdy horse is suitable for any strenuous work, on the farm and at home. The engine power and suspension will ensure the tasks you need help with, get done with less effort.

Arctic Cat 700 TRV XT EPS Quad BikeArctic Cat 700 TRV XT EPS Quad Bike

Another beast when it comes to great quad bikes is the Arctic Cat 700. The makers, Arctic Cat, is one of the leading players in the quad bike market. With the automobile above, their brand is bound to grow even further.

The bike boasts one of the most powerful engines in the market, a 4-stroke engine of 700 H1 capacity. The bike, also, comes with a ride-in suspension and stands 11 inches clear of the ground. Accordingly, the bike has a more comfortable feel and handle even on rough trails. There is also a digital gauge, electric power steering and durable aluminum wheels built into the bike. Cool additional features right?

Bombardier Quest MAX 650 Quad BikeBombardier Quest MAX 650 Quad Bike

The first two passenger quad bike was built by Bombardier. The QuestMax 650 was built with a quest to continue this great tradition. Its engine packs 640 cc of power. The Rotax, 4-stroke engine come with a transmission that’s continuously variable. As a result, the bike comes with greater, more seamless acceleration. The bike is a four-wheel drive. If you need more storage space too, you will find a large storage space at the front.

Kawasaki KFX 90 Quad BikeKawasaki KFX 90 Quad Bike

Kawasaki has a lot of loyal customers. They have ensured this by consistently ensured this by providing highly durable and powerful engines on all their bikes. The brand is mostly known for their extreme sports and recreational bikes. With this quad, however, they are targeting a different market altogether. Kids and youth.

With the KFX 90, Kawasaki introduces a less powerful but still durable, 89 cc engine. Do not be fooled by the capacity though, It’s a 40-stroke engine. Its performance is, also, enhanced by having an air cooling system. These features combined provide the perfect balance between power, durability, and safety that is appropriate for teens and children.

Yamaha Raptor 700R Quad BikeYamaha Raptor 700R Quad Bike

It is an open secret that Yamaha produces quality bikes. With the Raptor 700R, Yamaha does an excellent job continuing with this tradition. With its stylish design, the bike boasts an engine with 686 cc of power. This engine is liquid-cooled, and it combines with a five-speed transmission. The result is a great sports quad that is an excellent choice for recreational riders.

Additionally, the bike has built-in counterbalances for more comfort even on rough roads. The electric ignition is a bonus and the padded seat just enhances the comforts of the bike.

Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Quad BikeSuzuki KingQuad 750AXi Quad Bike

Over the years, Suzuki has continued to produce powerful recreational sports quads. As well, the utility quads produced under their brand continue to receive rave reviews. The KingQuad 750 is a terrific example.

The bike has been made to offer ultimate power and efficiency. The engine comes with a built-in fuel injection system that makes the bike fuel efficient in addition to the quick engine start. It, also, has to be mentioned that the bike comes with a great throttle response and power steering too.

Kymco MXU 300 Quad BikeKymco MXU 300 Quad Bike

Kymco provides a great option for shoppers out to save some money on mid-weight quads without compromising on quality. The Kymco MXU 300 is one such bike. It will not cost you an arm or a leg, yet it will offer you great everyday utility.

It comes with a 270 cc engine and over 600 lbs. of towing capacity. The bike, as well, comes with an automatic transmission. This provides smoother shifting with its use.

Kazuma USA Dingo 150cc ATVKazuma USA Dingo 150cc ATV

Kazuma USA is slowly but surely growing on its users as a worthwhile investment. The manufacturer prides itself on making quad bikes for all ages and uses at a fair price and with easily available spare parts. The Dingo 150 cc is an excellent example of this. With a 150 cc engine, it also has electric ignition and is chain driven. There is a towing hitch and a rear brake light to add to its functionality.

With so many options to choose from, you are certainly spoilt for choice if you are looking to by a quad bike. By taking your time and researching widely, you will be on your way to getting the perfect one to suit your needs.

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Adventure Motorcycles

The Adventure Motorcycles for Your Long-Day Trips

Motorcycle Motorcycle reviews

It is true that almost any motorcycle can be moved out of the city and be used for touring country roads. There are, however, tour bikes built specifically for this purpose. They are more safe and comfortable on long road trips. Often, taking a street bike on such long trips will have your body burnt out and your muscles cramped.

As an adventurer, such cramps and burn out episodes are things you would like to avoid. For this reason, you should consider getting an adventure motorcycle for off-road exploits. Such a bike will ensure you fully revel in all the joys and independence long distance adventure brings.

The options to choose from while shopping for these motorbikes are numerous. These vary by features such as; engine power, fuel consumption, speed, and price. Lucky for you, we have narrowed down the list of adventure bikes worth looking at to help with your shopping. It is a big, beautiful world out there for an adventure bike junkie. The following are just some of the reasons why.


The KTM 640 is everything you are looking for if you already have some experience under your belt. It’s a lightweight bike with a 625cc single cylinder carbureted engine. The bike’s engine capacity can give up to 54hp. The suspension stands at 11.8 inches and 10.8 inches for the front and rear wheel. The ground clearance helps the bike handle all sorts of terrain including, deep sand, highways and rough tracks.

The bike has a 300-mile range on a full tank. Accordingly, it’s an excellent option for extended off-road tours. It will serve you well even in the most remote regions.


The KLR 650 boasts one of the strongest suspensions an adventure bike could have. According to Kawasaki, the springs they fitted on the motorcycle are 40% stiffer than in their previous models. Put simply, this bike was meant for rough roads.

Other than taking a beating on the road with ease, the bike is, also, fitted with a 651cc, single engine. The engine is liquid cooled and can easily keep up with normal highway speeds. At 432 pounds, the bike is considered lightweight. With a 250 mile range and easy functionality, this bike is an excellent option for first-time adventure riders. It is the perfect bike to satisfy your curiosity too.


The quality this bike provides is unrivaled. The machine was built to go off-road and tackle those hard trails without compromising its performance on standard city traffic. For all this multi-tasking, you have its 4-stroke, water cooled engine. The single cylinder engine has a capacity of 652cc.

There is, also, Sertao’s innovative ABS system that gives the bike incredible stopping power even on wet asphalt. Additionally, the machine comes with heated grips. Your hands, thus, keep warm even on chilly mornings.


The second high-quality bike from KTM is one of its new releases for 2017. Even with its new status, the bike has seen some upgrades worth a mention. Firstly, the shape has undergone optimization to handle paved and rough roads better. The single cylinder engine, also, combines well with elevated suspension (10” clearance) and the ABS upgrade. Together, these features help build the bike’s reputation even further.

The Enduro has continually outshone its fellow motorbikes in tracking stability off-road. The high-quality swingarm is the primary reason for this. That the bike is lightweight, thanks to the chrome-molybdenum alloy used to make its tubular frame. This beauty is ready to meet any rough roads you might consider unforgiving.

Honda Africa TwinHonda Africa Twin

It is true that a bike’s engine format can significantly improve its ability to tackle the complicated terrain. The Africa Twin’s parallel is the perfect example of this. The twin-engine makes the bike shorter and as a result, the front wheel and the engine tuck closer together. The shortened wheelbase – 62 inches – allows the motorcycle to adapt quickly to changing the terrain. The engine has the 998cc capacity with the 4-stroke chamber that is engine cooled.

Additionally, the Africa Twin comes with a steel sub-frame, and its curb weight measures 511 pounds. The bike’s 6-speed transmission and torque control system will see you handle any off-road condition without much hassle. Are you looking to hit some mountainous roads? Or maybe desert landscape is more your speed? Either way, Honda’s African Twin would be the perfect partner in crime.

Yamaha Super TenereYamaha Super Tenere

The Super Tenere has a very compact, yet highly functional engine. Yamaha designed this twin-engine to have a 1199cc capacity with traction control to add to its efficiency. Consequently, the engine performs better at fuel injection, throttle valve opening and ignition timing. With such features, you can expect the bike to remain smooth and remain operational for the entire distance.

For safety, the Super Tenere comes with a unified braking system with antilock braking capabilities. For your longer journeys, the in-built cruise control system will serve you well as will the adjustable seat. The bike uses Yamaha’s advanced fuel technology too. The result is better bike control and faster acceleration.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 EnduroDucati Multistrada 1200 Enduro

That’s right; we saved the best for last. Ducati doesn’t mess around with their automobiles. They were not about to start with this adventure bike either. The Multistrada comes with an engine 1198cc that gives 160hp. The guys at Ducati built the engine to have a twin cylinder and be liquid cooled. The result of all this engine capacity and functionalities is a bike with unrivaled power.

In addition to the bike’s “monster” engine, the Ducati comes with a 30-liter tank too. With Its spoke wheels, the bike can give up to 8 inches of travel. The Multistrada link app available since 2017, also, helps document each ride by recording valuable metrics. You will, thus, get to know your regular speeds, fuel consumption, power, and speed.

With either of the above bikes, you will have a companion to quench your adventure needs. You will discover, also, that the prices attached to these ranges widely. So get out there; travel the country and live out loud. Wild and free.

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Motorcycle security

8 Smart Ways to Make Your Motorcycle Burglar-proof

Motorcycle Products and tools

Riding motorcycles are for the individuals who crave adventure. For passionate drivers, the energy, excitement, freedom and immense thrill are just some of the joys we never get enough of. A bike ride offers you a front row seat to nature and all its beauty. Alternatively, your bike might be less for adventure and more for convenience. With a motorcycle, commuting through dense traffic is made fun and fast.

Regardless of the purpose you use your bike, one thing is for sure; it is a great investment. Considering the amount of cash you put in, its security is of great importance. Thus, you need to know the gadgets and measures available to you to boost your bike’s safety. Some might be a bit obvious but others I am sure you have not heard of before. With them, we hope to help you avoid trouble down the line. These gadgets include:

Disc Locks/U-LocksDisc Locks

Disc Locks come in many shapes and sizes to suit the needs of different customers. These locks help secure the bike to immovable objects and, thus, deter thieves. While the lock cannot stop all determined thieves every time, they will always work as an obstacle to a thief’s intentions. Have a brightly colored lock, securing your bike, and any thief will think twice before targeting your bike. If you can get a lock for each wheel, then that would be even more discouraging.

Data tag

You have probably not heard of this yet, but it’s a remarkable security feature to have on your motorcycle. It uses state of the art identification methods to put permanent marks on your bike. With it, the bike becomes identifiable only to you. Police, also, have an easier time identifying your motorcycle by knowing what marks to look for.

With data tag, a permanent code is programmed on your motorcycle’s panel. Should the bike be stolen, you can activate the transponders to send signals from the wheels and petrol tank. Such signals are picked up by police scanners and make simple work of recovering your bike.

Ground Anchor

Ships use anchors to remain stationary and restrict movement. The good thing is, you can get anchors for your bike too. At a low price too. Once bought, you will need to ensure the anchor is fixed on the ground at your designated parking spot at work or home. Once done, the work required to steal your bike would be more stressful. It would be unnecessarily noisy as well, and no thief wants to attract attention to them, now right?

The ground anchor needs to be placed in a secure place to be most effective. A place where you know such thieves would need to hassle to a great extent to make away with your bike. As such, look for a place that would have numerous hindrances to using cutting devices such as disk cutters.

Brake Lever LockBrake Lever Lock

I know you already have a U-disk. Who said one lock is ever enough though? A brake lever lock would be an excellent supplement to your efforts to secure your bike. Its clamps the front brake and makes the front wheel hard to move. Awesome right? More stress to any thief dumb enough to target your motorcycle.


Yes, your helmet just might be central to whether you bike will be stolen or not down the line. Be advised to never lock your helmet on your bike. It makes the bike more attractive to thieves as they know they are stealing the complete set. They will, also, be less prone to suspicion on the road than if they were riding the bike without a helmet.

Ultraviolet PenUltraviolet Pen

To the naked eye, an ultraviolet pen would leave writings that are invisible. As such, you can use an ultraviolet pen to mark your bike parts. It will come in handy should your bike be stolen. The thief will not suspect such a mark exist. Such marks can, also, be used as evidence by the police to prosecute thieves after they have been caught. As a bonus, the pen will not cost you an arm or leg.


Another great option to consider for securing your motorbike is CCTV. Installing a good one on your garage ensures you have eyes on the bike whenever it is parked at home. This extra measure of security has been known to discourage all types of thieves. No one doing bad things would ever like to be caught on camera you know. Thus, a garage that has got cameras manning the space is surely more secure and less attractive to thieves out to steal.

Insurance Cover

Insurance cover is a must if you own a bike. Not just any cover though, you need to get yourself the right coverage whose scope will ensure you are fully covered by multiple risks. The risk of your bike being stolen is one such risk. There are many insurance companies out there that insure against motorcycle theft. The prices charged by these insurance providers, also, is not exorbitant. Thus, you do not need to forego insurance coverage.

With a little shopping around, you can find an amazing deal on your bike’s insurance too. By comparing the policies available from different insurers, you can quickly determine the best according to price or coverage scope. Working with your budget, and with such a comparison, you can get the best insurance available for your bike.

Please note, as well, that a bike that has good security features installed; U-disk Lock, Alarms, Anchors will have you paying lower premiums. This is as compared to a motorcycle without such features.

With the devices above, your motorcycle will undoubtedly be better protected and harder for any thief to steal.  Given this, consider having two or three of the above measures in place to secure your ride. You will rest easier knowing the smart tricks you have in place to face any crook. A good rider is cautious of safety. As you protect your bike and be mindful of its safety, also, remember to protect yourself. Ride safely, don’t be overzealous, be mindful of the rules and other road users and you will be ok.

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